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About the beach
Key West private beach located on the east side of the Pampelonne strip offers a recreation of a languorous and sporty atmosphere. This Private beach is a beautiful private getaway for people who want to escape their busy lifestyle and relax on this peaceful and sandy escapade. There is no major signs of wealth on this beach, which allows the clientele to enjoy a discreet escape where you do not have to worry who’s who and who’s not. Residents of this beach can concentrate on their glass of rosé as they relax on the deep wood and modern decking.

This private beach offers a stylish interior as well as its outdoor decking. Relax in this private beach’s timbered living rooms under the pergolas or enjoy a game on their classic backgammon tables on a teak floor in a musical environment. If you are arriving to Key West by Yacht or Boat, this private beach has a luxurious jetty to cater for all transport needs.

Beach Restaurant:
Key West’s beach Restaurant and  beach Bar is open all year round for lunch, and July and August for their dinner menu. This restaurant offers a Mediterranean menu with a mix of succulent southern flavours. Prices are relatively cheap compared to other beach restaurants with their fish specialties starting at €26 . This beach also offers a Sushi bar for you to experience some exotic flavours by this southern paradise.

Sunbeds/ Umbrellas :

Attractions Nearby:
Exploring The Old Village of St Tropez can be an exciting and jaw dropping experience for any vacationer. Enjoy its narrow ochre streets that climb all over the village, filled with art galleries and Yacht brokers. This part of St Tropez has soaked up the decadence, the wealth and the taste for luxurious art without losing its name as the quaint old provincial fishing village which it once was.

Key West private beach is located near the historic parish of Ramatuelle. This small village was built on a hill in order to defend itself from intruders in the ninth and tenth centuries. When you have finished up a hard day soaking up the sun at Key West you can visit by car and see the village’s old parish church, “The Church of Our Lady” which lends itself to the village’s old fortifications that can be seen throughout this town. As the sun starts to set, why not visit the famous Memorial of the (SSAND) “Special Services Alumni of National Defence” . The memorial was built to commemorate the bravery of the submarine servicemen during  the second World War.

Another idea when visiting Key West’s private beach getaway is to take one of St Tropez breathtaking coastal walks. This coastal path starts in St Tropez village and carries on down through the rugged rocks of the coast and finally extending onto the famous Pampelonne beach. The complete walk takes around three and a half hours if you ignore any of the tempting private beaches you find on your way. The path is well kept and clearly signposted, it is a good way to clear you head from the busy St Tropez lifestyle.

How to get there

By car: During the summer season St Tropez can be a nightmare to drive in .St Tropez is located near the A8, the road that joins Nice to Marseille. If you are travelling from Nice, exit the A8 at the Le Muy junction and then travel on the D25 to St Tropez. For more information please contact Easy Car Booking.

By Bus/Train: There is no train station in the St Tropez- Ramatuelle area . You can disembark at either St Raphael, Des Arcs or Toulon where you can take a bus link straight to St Tropez.

By Boat: For information on how to travel directly to your private beach via water taxi please visit Easy Boat Booking.

CALL NOW TO MAKE A BOOKING ON THIS PRIVATE BEACH: 0033899490444 (1,35€ call cost, 0,34€ cts per minute)

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CALL NOW TO MAKE A BOOKING ON THIS PRIVATE BEACH: 0033899490444 (1,35€ call cost, 0,34€ cts per minute)



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