Jumeirah Beach, Dubai 
Dubai is located on the United Arab Emirates, and is the second largest emirate amongst the entire UAE with the first largest being the capital Abu Dhabi. Dubai is of course still developing at an extreme rate every day, a man-made haven of beautiful modern architecture, and unbelievable views, many people will claim that is the one of the best tourist destinations on the globe for a travel getaway.
Enjoy the beautiful Middle Eastern Summer sun, whilst relaxing on a comfortable reserved sunbed on one of Dubai’s most prestigious beaches along its magnificent coast. Jumeirah Beach is well known for its luxurious outlook on ‘Beach Lifestyle’, with private ‘California-Style’ Beach Beds with white curtains for your own outdoor privacy, or alternatively, more simplistic sunbeds to lay on the exclusive Beach owned by Jumeirah Residence.
Jumeirah Beach is located centrally in the city of DubaiUnited Arab Emirates, with breath taking views of the futuristic modern buildings contrasting with the flawless white sand beaches. These beaches have been almost engineered to ideally suit the residents and tourists, with barely any rocks amongst the clear green seas along the coast which would damage tourists.
The beach also offers opportunities for people to snorkel the waters of the Dubai Coast, for the ‘thrill seeker’ tourists you can do water sports along the coast and towards the end of the day you can enjoy the beautiful Middle Eastern sunset, truly one of a kind and an opportunity which is worth paying the extra money to sit at the café and truly enjoy the atmosphere.

As the beach is exclusive and very popular, we recommend that you book places at the beach for your stay there, well in advance, to ensure that you do not have to find another beach which has spare places as a result. Usually, the beaches which have places or tickets remaining towards the start of the season, tend to be the least profiting beaches.

If you are considering other activities to do other than staying on the beach for your entire stay, then there is of course plenty of other things to do, to suit every character and age group. For young adults and teenagers, there is a special section exclusive to Jumeirah Resort known as ‘The Hub’ which allows parents and older children to have their own separate time, for young children there is a huge waterpark offering several different attractions, and also for something fun for the entire family, the resort has a complex including a full size tennis court.

For those coming to Dubai to relax and unwind, there are private spa facilities in the Jumeirah Resort for you to enjoy including massage therapy, numerous body treatments, and facials. Also, within the spa facilities, it offers a luxury steam room, Jacuzzi, and a swimming pool, with all décor inspired by the local Arabian culture of Dubai, with beautiful mosaics, tiling work and decorations. The ambience and atmosphere of the spa will make you truly understand and appreciate the qualities that Dubai can really offer to you.

In terms of other amazing things to do in Dubai aside from visiting the Al Mamzar Private Beach, we recommend is of course the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world at 829.8 metres. You won't be able to miss it as a view, most likely at the beach you are staying at, but we recommend taking a closer look, and if you have the bravery to go up to the staggering 124th floor on the observation deck, where you can witness the entire view of the surrounding buildings and the world's tallest fountain modelled in Las Vegas at The Belaggio. 


Another go-to tourist destination in Dubai if you are interesting in the history behing the Industrial boom of Dubai, is the Dubai Museum. When visiting here, you can find out the history behind the spectacularly modern and futuristic landscape of Dubai today, and the progress that the Emirate has made over the last 20 years at the least. 
Bastakia also knows as 'Old Dubai' is a highly populated tourist destination in the High season in Dubai, due to its major history within 19th Century. Bastakia is known as the region which used to be populated by Persian Merchants in the 19th Century who had interest in Dubai due to its tax-free trade in pearls and textiles. It is also beautifully designed, taking a lot of inspiration from the traditional Arabian ceramics and architecture. 

For the thrillseekers or active families, there is one of the most well-known water parks in the world, mainly for its design and take on Waterpark design. Aquaventure Water park offers everything for all ages, from staggering, thrilling rides to dancing with dolphins, it allows parents to relive their childhoods, and for children to enjoy theirs, perfect for the entire family. 

For further information, contact us at Easy Beach Booking where we can provide you with any support and help when booking your beach for the Summer season.



  • Accessible by boat
  • Bar
  • Beach cabin
  • Cocktail bar
  • Events
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kids club
  • Massage / Fitness
  • Restaurant
  • Shower
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Toilets
  • Tents / Cabanas
  • Water sports
  • Wifi

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