About the Beach

Le Berlugan is one of most in-demand private beaches going from Nice to Monaco.

This beach is entirely brand new and is already attracting new tourists and evolving into a huge success. The beach characterises itself by the quality of furniture on the numerous pontoons including the luxury canopy beds on the deck. It is also supported by the 4 star Hotel Métropole.

Everything in this private beach has been structured for your enjoyment and to benefit from the unbelievable view of the French Riviera. The tables, the sunbeds, and the furniture has been positioned towards the South of the island opposite which is completely decorated with greenery.

With nearly 60 sunbeds and 10 sublime canopy beds, this beach will satisfy all your requirements.

Sunbeds : 29€
Umbrellas and towels are free on request
Bed (Double Beds) : between 58€ to 70€ according to the position on the beach

Thanks to the beach’s japanese chef, the restaurant offers a complete fresh sushi menu prepared to order. The food can range from 30 euros per person on average.
The beach also offers a lounging space for you to relax and enjoy some cocktails in the sunshine.

The private beach is unmissable, situated between the port of St Jean Cap Ferrat and Beaulieu sur Mer.

The beach is easier to reach by boat.

For boat transfers to Berlugan to the beach contact 0033 4 93 91 97 34.



  • Water sports
  • Tents / Cabanas
  • Toilets
  • valeurs par defaut
  • Wifi
  • Valet Parking
  • Accès personnes handicapées
  • Dog allowed
  • Bar
  • Cocktail bar
  • Beach boutique
  • Beach cabin
  • Shower
  • Parking
  • Pontoon
  • Restaurant

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