Unhygienic massagers on Cannes beaches - Tuesday 5 June 2012

Unhygienic massagers on Cannes beaches

Young women dressed in straw hats armed with small information leaflets and oil in their beach-bags have been searching the beaches in Cannes for those who would be willing for the last four or five years and this year will be no different.

Firstly, by law these massages are banned. Secondly, the problem with these women is that they are highly unhygienic; they use the same towel for different people; don’t use disinfectant and don’t wash their hands in between massages.

Warning signs are posted all around the beach to create awareness, in the showers and in the toilets and most beaches on the Cannes Croisette have done the same. However, even with the signs in place some people will probably still fall for their charms. Bruno Richard of Long beach Cannes states,
“These women are not really desired on our beaches. For legal and hygienic reasons but also because the women can be aggressive and invasive which is not what we want our clientele to be subjected to.”

During the summer months (1st July-31st August) the local police patrol the beaches to discourage the masseuses and charge those carrying out the illegal practices with an on-the-spot fine of 450 euros.

Pay attention to these women on Cannes beaches this summer. Play it safe on the beaches this summer with beaches which have legal masseuses and where you know you will not be disturbed. Follow this Cannes beaches link for more information. With easybeachbooking you will be sure to been left in peace and quiet, undisturbed. Otherwise, if you would like a legal massage book with easybeachbooking as we can offer these services. Not just on our Cannes beaches but on many private beaches along the French Riviera


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