Jellyfish “Early Warning System” available to French Riviera Private Beaches this Summer. - Tuesday 19 February 2013

Jellyfish “Early Warning System” available to French Riviera Private Beaches this Summer.

This revolutionary warning system, available to the French Riviera, aims to prevent summer
stings off those pesky Jellyfish. Holliday goers can rest easy on our private beaches this
summer as scientists in the oceanological laboratory of Villfranche-Sur-Mer launch a 48-hour
jellyfish forecast.
Recent measures for the control of jellyfish have seen the use of anti-jellyfish nets, which
have proved to have limited success in tackling the matter. With the problem escalating
around the world, holiday goes have been provided with this excellent new service that can
make your private beach holiday less stressful.
In recent years, this unwanted entity has been reported regularly off the coast of the French
Riviera. Biologists say that this increase is jellyfish washing up on our shores is partly down
to climate change and rising sea levels. Although all of the French Riviera’s private beaches
are safe, it is settling that this early warning system can give tourists a 48 hour forecast on the
movement of the jellyfish. Have no fear if you can’t dip your feet in the water for an hour or
two, you can still work up a tan when you book a sunbed on many of Easy Beach Bookings
private beaches in the area.
With this new warning system, comes many new and innovative ways to prevent jellyfish
sting in the French Riviera and indeed around the world. The JellyFish Report is an
application for Android and iPhone that has been created to help people avoid areas with
recent Jelly Fish sightings. This collaborative app gives people a chance to report sightings,
give advice on treatment and most importantly prevent stings! This app is available to
download for free from the Apple and Android market. So make sure when you book your
sunbed this summer don’t forget to check your phone for any sightings in your area.
When booking your spot on a private beach this summer there is no need to be put off by
these pests, with these innovative attempts at preventing jellyfish stings you can rest easy on
all of Easy Beach Booking’s private beaches on the French Riviera. 
So remember to take care this summer when you book your private beach, take precautions,
check the forecast for any jellyfish sightings and download your free JellyFish Report for
your area. If you are thinking of booking your private beach early , you can do it online here
at Easy Beach Booking .



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