Top 5 Luxury private beaches in the world - Wednesday 27 February 2013

Top 5 Luxury private beaches in the world

Choosing a private beach for your summer holidays can be tiresome and can even add some unwanted stress to your vacation. We have compiled a list a list of the 5 most luxurious private and public beaches in the world, so just sit back let us do all the hard work when booking a sunbed on private beach this summer.

#5 Tierra Verde - Florida
Starting off the list at number 5 is Tierra Verde: Fort De Soto Park in Florida USA. This beach is renowned for its family and park setting. Many people enjoy picnics in the many shaded area across the beach. There are lots of places in this beautiful getaway where you can relax with your friends. Tierra Verde provides pavilions which offer family and friends a chance the sit together enjoy the white sand and the Florida air. Another great way to relax is to take a scenic bicycle ride through the park where you can take in all the sights and also visit the famous Fort which is located in this park.
Book a sunbed on this secluded getaway which is located just off the beaten path of traffic or noisy roads that threaten your paradise.

#4 Kannapali - Hawaii
With three miles of white sand and clear blue water Kannapali beach enters our top 10 at number 4. Kaanapali was originally Hawaii’s first commercial resort and has since provided a template for holiday resorts around the world. On this amazing paradise you can view the daily cliff diving ceremony on the beach’s northernmost cliffs , Puu Kekaa, also known as Black Rock. This busy beach is surrounded by shops, boutiques, condominiums and hotels that will ensure you never tire of this resort. If you’re looking for a beach with a great atmosphere and a long history then roll out your towel on Kannapali beach.

#3 Sovena Fushi Private Beach - The Maldives.
Sovena Fushi in the Maldives offers a resort located on the privately owned island of Kunfunadoo. This luxurious private resort allows you to spend a care free time in your private villa away from any kind of outside noise. Each villa is provided with its own strip of private beach and dense vegetation separates you and the other residents. On this private beach the hotel provides you with your own cell phone and even packs your own lunch for your day on the private beach. Simply call on your cell phone and the hotel will simply collect you from your location.

#2 Le Taha Private Beach - The Society Islands Archipelago , Le Taha.
380 miles west of the famous Tahiti in the Society Islands Archipelago is the private beach of Le Taha. Simply take a 5 minute private boat ride from the mainland to this privately owned island. Here you can relax on this private beach by renting a water suit which overlooks the crystal clear water of Le Taha. If that’s not enough you can stay at one of the 12 private beach villas where you can get your very own section of private beach to relax.  A night at Le Taha’a private beach could set you back anywhere between $900 to $2,500 a night.

#1Guana Island – British Virgin Islands
This private beach is located on this 850-acre private island of Guana in the BVI and takes its spot at the top of our selection of the most luxurious private beaches in the world.  Home to one of the most secluded hideaways in the Caribbean, this oasis of privacy provides excellent gourmet food and wine which provides the perfect setting for your dream beach wedding.

You have the choice to rent a room or the whole island if you please. Guana island is advertised as great place for birthdays, anniversaries or even a business meeting with your top clients. This private beach offers a range of activities that suit any mood. Relax with a professional massage by the sea, have a game of ping pong in the evening with friends or just lounge about on your private sunbed or hammock with a tropical drink of your choice.

While searching the world for the best private beaches there are some in your very own back yard that are waiting to be discovered.  Relax and chill with the stars on Nikki beach club in St Tropez or have a quiet drink with friends on La Reserve De La Mala private beach in Cap d’Ail. These are just some of the many luxurious private beaches that The French Riviera has to offer. For more private beaches in the French Riviera visit our Beach Section on Easy Beach Booking to find out more about booking your private sunbed for this summer.


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