Private Beach Checklist - Wednesday 27 March 2013

Private Beach Checklist

Private Beach Checklist:
While it’s easy to book a private sunbed this summer, remembering all your private beach accessories can be a challenge! At Easy Beach Booking we have devised a list of everything you will need this summer while relaxing on your private beach in St Tropez, Cannes, Nice or anywhere along the French Riviera.

Ok let’s start with the essentials : You book your private sunbed in Cannes and arrive to the private beach on time. Do you have your:
·         Your keys to your Villa/Holiday home (always keep the spare in a different bag in case you lose one).
·         Wallet/purse/cash, could be useful for the beach bar and beach restaurant.
·         A spare credit card just in case.
·         ID – Passport or Divers Licence.
·         Your insurance details, medical card etc.
·         Reservation numbers, details of private beach booking.
-         Books for while you sun yourself on your private sunbed.
·         First Aid Kit. Again, just in case.

What should you wear to a private beach in St Tropez?
·         Dress smart casual.
·         Bring a complete change of clothes for when the evening gets cooler.   
·         Don’t forget your towel! An essential to any beach, not just a private beach on the French Riviera.
·         Your Ray bans, to beat those pesky UV rays.
·         Sunscreen SPF of 40 or above, especially when booking a private beach on the sunny French Riviera.
·         Some Aloe vera gel.
·         Water floatation devices for the kids.
·         After sun lotion for when you are spending the evening cooling down in the Beach Restaurant.
-         Insect Repellent for those Mosquitoes !!

What you Won’t Need on a Private Beach This Summer:

·Folding chairs: booking your own private sunbed and parasol takes the hassle out of unwanted baggage.
·Umbrella: If you book your private beach sunbed with a parasol, you can relax in the shade for as long as you like.
Beer Coolers: With some of the most famous private beaches in the world, The French Riviera Private beaches have beach bars that serve anything from a ice cold beer to a trendy fruit cocktail.
·Picnic Basket: Don’t waste time packing sandwiches and pre made salad mix and indulge in the beach restaurants at many of the private beaches on the French Riviera.

 Dont Forget:
·         Plastic bags for wet clothes.
·         Swimming goggles.
·         Shampoo + Conditioner.
·         Cosmetics.
·         Combs, brushes , hairdryers etc.
·         Camera
·         Maps and Directions
Hopefully this checklist will help you prepare for this year’s private beach season here on the French Riviera. Whether you’re booking a sunbed on Plage Royale in Cannes or Plage Beau Rivage in Nice, it is always important to come prepared. For information on how you can book a private sunbed, contact us today

Private beach booking


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