Avoid Jellyfish on your Private Beach - Thursday 18 July 2013

Avoid Jellyfish on your Private Beach

The French Riviera private beaches are known for their excellent service, scenic views and of course, the relaxed Riviera atmosphere. But unfortunately every year the French Riviera is infiltrated by a plague of Jellyfish that restricts holiday goers and tourists from enjoying their vacation.

Each year, the Mediterranean beaches see droves of Jelly Fish with an average of 5,000 falling victim to the Pelagia Noctuluna Jellyfish. Such factors including overfishing, warm waters and lack of predators gives this type of jellyfish a chance to infest our private beaches.  

Radio warnings and beach private beach alerts can sometimes be too late and can unravel your holiday plans! There is an easier way to avoid Jelly Fish this summer on your private beach on the French Riviera. Jelly Fish Reports is a free Application for your iPhone which allows you access to real time information on Jellyfish sightings on all the private beaches in the Riviera, as well as the rest of the world.

Jellyfish Reports is home to a community of people who share information, report sightings, and tell you when there is the all clear, so you can return to your favourite private beach. When booking your sunbed on your private beach today, download the free app Jelly Fish Reports and stay safe this summer in the Riviera waters.

JellyFish Reports


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